Harmony and Beauty in the Soulful Home - Art by Kathleen and Billy Gray

- There is no form, there is nothing in the world which says nothing. Often – it is true – the message does not reach our soul, either because it has no meaning in and for itself, or – as is more likely – because it has not been conveyed to the right place… …Every serious work rings inwardly, like the calm and dignified words: ‘Here I am!’

— Wassily Kandinsky

The Idea

With an eye for the aesthetics in the home, nest making becomes a celebration of the soul.  The concept of making a comfortable, portable home came about quickly for us, while traveling around the world.  We carry meaningful objects and images that can fit in a suitcase.  A few scarves, cloth bags, prints, rocks and semi precious stones transform a hotel or an apartment into our space.  These travel rituals led us to the idea of sharing some of our favorite art forms to cozy up your home.  Our permanent home is refreshed with images and photos collected and painted from our travels.  These travels go beyond physically moving from one place to another.  The travel of the inspired self are expressed in our choices we share with you on KGBGart!

Style & Quality

Quality is maintained in our products, keeping with the initial style in which they were painted.   Two different paintings are carefully selected for compatability and combined into one image for a product.  

Fine art prints are printed with light sensitve pigments on archival paper.  Bags are made with a durable polypoplin for easy wear and are machine washable.   We choose the finest components for our products, all with the intention of assisting you in creating an aesthetic life style and home.

100% Authentic

All the products we offer to you, are created solely from our own original art work.  The combination of two different images by each of us, into one product, are authentically rejuvenated for your pleasure and aesthetic convenience.